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Neuftec Clarifies Oxonica Patent Infringement for Nano Particulate Cerium Oxide Fuel Catalyst Technology

Neuftec Limited, the proprietor of the original nano-particulate cerium Oxide fuel catalyst technology, today issues the following statement in response to the press release dated 12 July 2007 issued by Oxonica Plc last year:

In relation to Oxonica's statement, "Neuftec has now confirmed that its granted European patent in the UK (EP(UK) 1299508) does not cover the Envirox(TM) formulation currently sold by Energy and that Energy's dealings with this Envirox(TM) would not infringe any claim of this patent."

Neuftec wishes to clarify that:

  • Neuftec's confirmation to Oxonica was not in the terms stated by Oxonica. What Neuftec did confirm, in the context of the ongoing litigation between Neuftec and Oxonica Energy, was that the fuel additive product that was sold by Oxonica to Petrol Ofisi of Turkey in 2006/7 did not infringe the Neuftec patent.
  • That limited concession was made on the basis of the assumed accuracy of the composition statement disclosed by Oxonica in relation to the second source product.
  • At no point in time did or does Neuftec make any concessions or admissions relating to non-infringement in respect of any other fuel additive product, formulation or blend that was or is being sold by Oxonica to other parties.
  • Neuftec has obtained several samples of the current Envirox formulation sold into the marketplace and has conducted initial tests.

These tests have confirmed that the current formulation differs from Oxonica's composition statement disclosed by Oxonica. Extensive testing is underway to determine whether or not this current formulation infringes any of Neuftec's or any other third party's worldwide patents.

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