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mPhase Smart NanoBattery Article Published in Applied Physics Letters

Leading microfludics and nanotechnology development company mPhase Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has published an article in the prestigious technical peer review newsletter, Applied Physics Letters, that describes the underlying scientific proprieties of its revolutionary Smart NanoBattery it is developing with the unique capability to sustain a much longer shelf life than conventional batteries used today. The article entitled, "Superhydrophobic Membranes with Electrically Controllable Permeability and Their Application to 'Smart' Microbatteries," was published in the July 29, 2008, issue of the newsletter. The article describes the physics of how long shelf life storage can be achieved with the Smart NanoBattery design and how the battery can be selectively activated to control when it goes on.

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Said AlwaysReady CEO Fred Allen, "We are very excited to have our technical work published in a highly regarded periodical such as Applied Physics and are excited on the technical progress we continue to make since the article was submitted for peer review."

In a conventional battery, power dissipation begins the day they are manufactured, and the batteries discharge or die prior to use. mPhase/AlwaysReady's Smart NanoBattery is the only battery available today that has virtually infinite shelf life. This unique feature positions the Smart NanoBattery as a tremendous benefit to the future of military and commercial applications.

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