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NVA to Commercialise CSIRO's Mesoporous Oxide Technology

NVA's operating subsidiary NanoVic Commercial announced on 10th March that they have entered into an exclusive license agreement to commercialise CSIRO's mesoporous oxide technology in all fields other than in the field of electro-active materials. NVA is discussing the technology with interested parties in Australia and overseas.

The mesoporous oxide technology, which removes arsenic from water, has been demonstrated to outperform current arsenic-removal materials. NVA will assess the feasibility of scaling up the technology for commercial applications. The technology was developed by CSIRO and was evaluated by NanoVic over the last two years. NanoVic's license is for exploitation in all fields other than in the field of electro-active materials.

NVA believes the CSIRO technology may provide a low-cost and reliable solution for industrial or community use.

CEO of NanoVentures Australia and NanoVic Commercial, Dr Peter Binks , highlighted the importance of the technology: "The CSIRO mesoporous oxide is a simple but powerful mechanism for removing arsenic from water. We believe it has immediate application to water purification for communities, as it is safe, readily and cheaply manufactured, and may be recycled once the captured arsenic is removed".

NanoVentures Australia's initial task is to commercialise the technologies developed under Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd's NanoVic's project agreements over the last six years. It will seek to raise funds to commercialise these technologies, and is able to enter commercial arrangements which were not feasible under NanoVic's corporate structure.

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