Leading Nanotechnology Company Issued Additional Patent Related to Hydrogen Storage Technology

Nanomix Inc., a leading nanotechnology company commercializing a line of nanoelectronic sensors for industrial and biomedical applications, today announced that it was issued an additional U.S. patent. The new patent is related to hydrogen storage technology and follows six earlier patents issued to Nanomix in this field. Efficient, safe, high-density hydrogen storage is critical to realizing the promise of practical and cost-effective energy from the emerging fuel cell industry. The new technology avoids the current limitations of liquid hydrogen storage. Using novel materials, Nanomix technology advances hydrogen storage systems to meet the performance needs of automotive, portable electronic applications, and power-grid energy storage.

"We are pleased with our growing patent portfolio related to hydrogen storage technology," said Jeremy Rosenblatt, Vice President of Operations for Nanomix. "These advancements allow hydrogen storage systems to operate at more favorable pressure and temperature than conventional methods. Our new storage technology increases the safety and effectiveness of hydrogen-based energy storage systems. We are currently seeking industrial partners for the continued development of hydrogen energy systems based on our patented technologies."

These is the seventh patent issued (US No. 7,479,240 issued January 20, 2009) in a group of patents comprising the Nanomix hydrogen storage portfolio. The patent describes the storage of hydrogen by physiosorption on boron oxide and boron oxide derivates. The new medium allows hydrogen storage systems to operate at lower pressure and more moderate temperature.

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