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Saving Money with Intelligent Cleaning

Lotus Systems GmbH, a leading manufacturer of wet process, cleaning, and chemical management systems for photovoltaic, semiconductor, and MEMS production, has developed new cleaners. "Chemistry as an integral part of production helps to increase efficiency and lower costs," says CEO Joachim Mink with conviction.

The new vertical spray cleaners allow manufacturers to clean the carriers themselves – quickly, efficiently, and at their own facilities. Spraying ensures that there is always a reactive medium on the surface and makes cleaning two to three times faster. Only about a tenth of the chemicals are needed, since the engineers have developed a special way to position and control the nozzles. At about €20 per carrier, the cost of cleaning and drying is about a quarter of what it has traditionally been. Plus, the carriers are ready for use again after 12 hours. The vertical spray cleaners, with their extremely small base area of 1.8 square meters, can easily be integrated into the established production process.

From September 21-24, 2009, Lotus Systems will be appearing at the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, hall B4G, booth 57.

Lotus Systems GmbH was founded in 2001 and has already delivered over 500 systems to date. The special feature is the unique know-how of its employees who have up to 35 years of experience in wet process technology. Members of the current core team created the world’s first automated production line for solar cells in 1989. Lotus Systems is regarded a pioneer that was one of the first to transfer technical expertise in semiconductor manufacturing to photovoltaic applications. The company has 110 employees, worldwide service branches and an annual turnover of 20 million euros. CEO Joachim Mink has been working in the industry since 1987.

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