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Dais Nanotechnology Will Help China Go "Green"

Dais Analytic Corporation (Dais) (OTCBB: DLYT), along with the Pasco Economic Development Council (PEDC) and the U.S. Trade and Development Office, today released details of a $200 million international trade agreement with a Chinese state-owned company that could bring more than 1,000 new "green" jobs to Pasco County, Fla., in the coming years.

Dais has signed a five-year contract with Genertec – America (overseas subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding, Limited, which is a state-owned company) to sell breakthrough heating/cooling, and water clean-up products built around the innovative Dais nanotechnology materials.

Dais products are expected to reduce energy usage, energy costs and CO2 emissions, supporting a government mandate to lower the carbon footprint in China - one of the most populated countries in the world.

“In seeking answers to complex energy and environmental matters, the world community needs a fresh approach, using a mixture of current and new industry participants. Dais brings this fresh approach by using its nanotechnology,” said Yuen Kong, chief strategy officer, Genertec – America.

At its Odessa, Fla., facility, Dais manufactures the ConsERV energy recovery ventilator, an add-on product for heating and A/C systems that has won four industry awards. ConsERV, depending on outdoor conditions, lowers or raises the moisture and temperature content of air being supplied to a heating and A/C system. This adjustment, made by the Dais nanotechnology, allows heating and A/C equipment to be more efficient using less energy, thus lowering emissions. Many utilities nationwide (like Progress Energy – Florida and Florida Power & Light) provide financial incentives to install high-efficiency heating and A/C products like ConsERV.

“The unique properties of these ‘smart’ nanotechnology materials provide Dais a springboard to introduce many different products capable of revolutionizing large portions of the worldwide economy – the first example of which is our ConsERV product,” said Scott Ehrenberg, chief technology officer of Dais.

Under development is a radically new heating and A/C system, called NanoAir, which may revolutionize the 100-year-old refrigerant-cycle-based heating and A/C industry, lowering energy use by treating air differently with the nonmaterial, and completely eliminating the use of traditional fluorocarbon refrigerants that are known to create harmful emissions. NanoAir uses water instead of traditional refrigerants.

The Dais-Genertec America agreement also addresses the upward spiral of energy used and emissions created to meet growing demands for clean water. A “next generation” water clean-up process, named “NanoClear,” is under development. NanoClear provides potable water from wastewater reclamation or seawater desalination, addressing China’s strong emphasis to implement world-class technology to manage its water resources.

“We are very excited with the Dais and Genertec – America arrangement, as it will find more of our product put to use for the benefit of the worldwide community. We already have a growing number of ConsERV systems serving communities across the United States, including surrounding Tampa Bay area residents,” said Bob Brown, vice president of marketing at Dais.

Genertec – America will work with other branches of the Chinese government, and with industries and consumers within China to market Dais’ energy and water products.

“Using the power of Dais nanotechnology in breakthrough energy and environmentally sound products for the China market puts a strong focus on a key issue, the environment, in support of the China/U.S. Strategic and Economic Discussion program, which emphasizes the mutual long-term strategic and economic objectives between our two countries,” said Timothy Tangredi, president and CEO of Dais. “Our two countries are global leaders in understanding the value to future generations of deploying technologies like Dais’. Nothing is more fundamental to life than clean air and water.”

“Today’s announcement is great news for Dais, as well as Pasco County,” said John Walsh, interim president/CEO of the Pasco Economic Development Council. “Pasco County has a lot to offer businesses like Dais Analytic, such as a central location, lower tax rates and an investment in one of Florida’s fastest-growing counties.”

An on-site product demonstration of ConsERV and NanoAir was part of today’s press conference, which exhibited the power and simplicity of the Dais-patented nanotechnology.

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