Cheap Tubes Introduces Single Layer Graphene Oxide in Powder and Dispersed Forms

Cheap Tubes Inc supplies Single Layer Graphene Oxide (SLGO) in both powder + dispersed forms. Our SLGO has no contaminants, an average flake thickness of 0.7-1.2nm, uses no metal catalyst, is Di Water and DMF soluble without the use of surfactants, and can achieve 2mg/ml loading or higher.

In addition to our recent significant price reduction (66%) due to economies of scale in the manufacturing process, we are pleased to announce that we can now supply Reduced Single Layer Graphene (SLG) coatings on silicon, glass, + flexible substrates. We can provide SLG coatings with the following specifications: SLG film on glass or Si wafer-film thickness 5-30 nm, ~ 3-5 cm2, conductivity 10(4) - 10(5) Sm-1, sheet resistance 10(1)-10(3) O/sq)

Flexible SLG film on organic flexible substrate -film thickness 5-30 nm, ~ 3-5 cm2, conductivity 10(3) - 10(4) Sm-1, sheet resistance 10(2)-10(4) O/sq)

Additionally, we can provide SLG based inks, please contact us at 802.254.6969 for details or visit .

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