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Nanosys Hosts US Representative for Tour of its Nanotechnology Plant

Nanosys, Inc. today announced that it hosted US Representative Zoe Lofgren of the 16th California Congressional district, San Jose, for a tour of its nanotechnology plant. Nanosys is poised to make an economic impact on Silicon Valley by expanding its manufacturing and R and D. Representative Lofgren focused her attention on Nanosys projects leading to energy independence and more jobs in the region.

On display for Rep. Lofgren were products the company is gearing up to launch in several major categories. Rep. Lofgren reviewed products ranging from bright new cell phone displays with near perfect color gamut, more efficient batteries, and advanced bandages for wounded soldiers which are all made with Nanosys' architected, process ready components.

"I'm confident that we can turn this economic downturn into an opportunity by investing in our national infrastructure and in our emerging green economy," said Rep. Lofgren. "America's greatest resource has always been its unique innovative spirit. It's this innovative spirit that will guide us to a stronger and greener economy, and I was delighted to see it in action at Nanosys."

"We're fortunate to have such a strong technology advocate as Representative Lofgren in our backyard," said Jason Hartlove, Nanosys chief executive officer. "We look forward to being part of the economic recovery of Silicon Valley with our advanced technology product offerings."

Nanosys, Inc. is an advanced material architect, harnessing the fundamental properties of inorganic materials into process ready systems that can integrate into existing manufacturing to produce vastly superior products in lighting, electronic displays, solar power, energy storage and medical.

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