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Nanostart-Held ItN Nanovation Announces Major New Customer

ItN Nanovation AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: I7N), a portfolio company of Nanostart AG, has acquired a major new customer for its Nanocomp Metcast solution with Qatalum, one of the world's largest primary aluminum plants.

Nanocomp Metcast is a patented nanoceramic coating from ItN Nanovation which is insensitive to wide temperature swings. It also offers low adhesion to molten metal, making it ideal for non-ferrous melting and casting operations. In the case of Qatalum, the new nanoceramic coating will be used to produce primary aluminum better and more efficiently. Metcast stands out first and foremost for its enormous cost-saving potential. With the end of its first construction phase this year, the Qatalum facility should have a production capacity of 585,000 metric tons per year, making it one of the world's largest primary aluminum facilities ever built.

Qatalum, based in Qatar, is a joint venture between Norsk Hydro and Qatar Petroleum. Norsk Hydro, which itself is one of the world's largest aluminum producers, has been successfully using Metcast since 2007. ItN Nanovation is presently discussing the introduction of Nanocomp Metcast with other major aluminum producers.

“We are delighted to be able to welcome Qatalum as one of the first major new plants to use Nanocomp Metcast,” said Lutz Bungeroth, CEO of ItN Nanovation. “This is a testimony to the confidence in the quality and efficiency of our product. We were able to win over Qatalum thanks to the strong support of Norsk Hydro, which has already been using our nanotechnology-based ceramic coating for some time. This new order from Qatalum underscores not only our technological leadership but also the commercial viability of our product.”

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