Precision Microelectronic Assembly Equipment Provider Exhibits Wire Bonder at IMAPS

Palomar Technologies returns to IMAPS International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging to be held March 9th - 10th in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Palomar Technologies will be exhibiting in booth #15, with special emphasis on their award-winning Model 8000 Wire Bonder & Ball (Stud) Bumper. The bonder is unique in that it possesses semiconductor features while maintaining a compact footprint. It was designed to meet the needs of today's advanced packaging customer, especially in answering the call for strict "high reliability." Complex applications that are of the atypical nature, such as missile guidance systems, heart pacemakers, high frequency 3G and 4G power amps, and HB LEDs, benefit from the high precision and accuracy of the Model 8000 Wire Bonder.

The Model 8000 Wire Bonder is a highly versatile piece of capital equipment. When working with atypical or "odd form factor" packages, a machine's versatility can be the difference between success and failure. In addition to the Model 8000's standard wire bonding applications, Palomar engineers have developed special bonding methods that make bonding odd form packaging possible. One of these methods is STAND-OFF-STITCH. Enabled by Palomar's interconnect technology, very high density packaging of an odd form package can be accomplished by stand-off-stitch die-to-die ball bonding. Several methods of stand-off-stitch were developed to meet the large spectrum of application differentials. For example, reverse bonding to stand-off-stitch generates short wire lengths and low loop heights that match, if not exceed, that of traditional wedge bonding. Package density is further increased by creating highly co-planar flat topped ball bumps in combination with normal ball-stitch wire bonds.

Palomar Technologies is a leading provider of precision microelectronic assembly equipment and contract assembly services that serves industry leaders in telecommunications, medical, defense and aerospace and commercial high-technology.


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