Nano-Hole Arrays Now Available from Eulitha

Researchers in need of nano-structures for replication processes such as nano-imprint lithography are often discouraged by the high cost of obtaining masters or templates. Eulitha has now added nano-hole arrays to its standard product line to make high-quality 2D patterns affordable.

The patterns, chosen because of frequent customer inquiries consist of holes on rectangular grids. These patterns etched in Si substrates are suitable for use as nano-imprint stamps or for direct deposition experiments. Two patterns are now on offer (a) a 45 nm / 50 nm half-pitch array and (b) a 35 nm / 37.5 nm half-pitch array. The two dimensions denote the half-pitch along the two orthogonal directions of the rectangular grid. You can click here for more information including current prices.

EULITHA was founded in 2006 in the canton Aargau of Switzerland. Its founders have played critical roles in the development of Extreme Ultraviolet Interference Technology at the Paul Scherrer Institut. The company aims to serve nano-structuring needs of targeted applications through this breakthrough technology. At present, it provides products as samples for nanotechnology R&D.

Source: Eulitha

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