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Industrial Nanotech's Nansulate Translucent PT Coating Performs Well in Marine Environments

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (Pink Sheets:INTK), an emerging global leader in nanoscience energy saving solutions, reported today that the Company's Nansulate Translucent PT thermal insulation and corrosion resistant coating provides effective insulation and corrosion prevention for oil pipelines in marine environments.

Nansulate was used effectively for protecting oil pipelines on a Sipetrol owned AM6 platform off the coast of Argentina. The product was applied to pipe that transfers petroleum from the vertical separators to the connection of the pumps that impulse the fluid to the AM3 platform. Nansulate Translucent PT was applied in three coats for a total average thickness of 350 microns. Surface temperature of pipeline was measured to determine reduction of heat loss from petroleum products. Prior to application, the average temperature of the pipeline exterior was 140F (60C). With Nansulate PT the average temperature of the pipeline exterior was 107.6F (42C), for a temperature reduction of 30%.

"Nansulate industrial coatings perform extremely well in the severe marine environment of offshore platforms," stated Francesca Crolley, V.P. Business Development for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. "The Sipetrol application was done in 2005 and continues to be an excellent example of the reason Nansulate technology was first envisioned - as a solution for corrosion under insulation and to provide effective thermal insulation that did not degrade over time due to moisture infiltration. Nansulate coatings offer exceptional corrosion resistance combined with powerful insulating ability in a clear coating that allows visual inspection of the pipeline without need for expensive removal. The water-based acrylic coatings have passed one of the more stringent accelerated corrosion tests, the GM9540P, at 24 cycles with no red rust present. The minimum for corrosion coatings is 8 cycles. They also have been tested for CUI and thermal conductivity according to BP (British Petroleum) standards for pipelines and are rated Class A for flame spread (ASTM E84)."

Photos and case study information on the Sipetrol application can be found at:

The GM9540P accelerated corrosion test details and pictures can be found at:

Sipetrol, a private division of ENAP, a global oil and resource based company with 2009 consolidated revenues of just over $7 billion dollars US, is owned by the Chilean Government. The company's main activity is exploring, exploiting and marketing of hydrocarbons and its derivatives. ENAP has the following subsidiaries: ENAP Refinerías S.A., ENAP Sipetrol S.A., Petro Servicio Corp. S.A. and Gas de Chile S.A. and also has branches in Argentina and Ecuador.


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