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New SPI-Sun Simulator Launched by Spire for Thin Film Modules

Spire Corporation (Nasdaq: SPIR), an American global solar company providing capital equipment and turnkey production lines to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) modules, today announced the introduction of a 6 meter by 1.3 meter solar simulator with the first unit to be delivered to SoloPower, Inc. located in San Jose, California, for application to copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) modules.

The SPI-Sun Simulator 6013SLP (6013) is based on Spire’s successful Single Long Pulse (SLP) series. Spire’s simulators are leading the industry with over 400 in use worldwide. Top module qualifying and testing agencies such as UL, TUV, FSEC and the national laboratories in the United States, India, Italy and Korea use them.

SPI-Sun Simulator 6013SLP

The 6013 is designed for modules up to 6 meters in length and 1.3 meters wide, its solar spectrum is Class A, and intensity uniformity is +- 2%. It has an adjustable pulse length from 20 to 80 milliseconds and also has an adjustable intensity range from 200-1100 watts/m2.

Roger Little, Chairman and CEO of Spire Corporation, said, “Some thin film module designs are becoming very long compared to their width, for incorporation into roofing materials. These are very different from traditional crystalline modules. Spire has created the SLP series of simulators to handle a wide variety of module shapes and sizes. We have a leadership market share in solar simulators and we intend to keep it by advancing our equipment to satisfy the needs of the industry.”

“Spire was a clear choice as a partner. They have expertise in the thin film industry and have been a great company to work with,” said Eric Culberson, Director of Factory Development for SoloPower. “Spire leads the world in this technology and we felt it was important to work with the world leader in solar metrology on this key piece of our new factory.”


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