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Vishay to Display Thin Film Wire Bondable Resistors at IEEE MTT 2010

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today announced that it will showcase Vishay Electro-Films (EFI) high-performance wire bondable thin film resistors, MOS and MNOS capacitors, and spiral inductors at the IEEE MTT 2010 International Microwave Symposium, taking place May 23-28 in Anaheim, Calif. Each product category will have its own area at Booth 2513, where Vishay's engineering and sales staff will provide demonstrations of the company's passive component technologies.

MTR thin film multi-tap resistors

Vishay EFI standard thin film wire bondable resistors are optimized for a variety of hybrid circuit applications. At the 2010 International Microwave Symposium, the company will highlight its MTR and MTT thin film multi-tap resistors, and TMR thin film tapped microwave resistor.

Allowing the user to select specified increments and a wide range of values, the MTR offers eleven taps, while the MTT offers nineteen. The desired resistance value is obtained by bonding the wires to the appropriate pads. The 30-mm by 30-mm MTR features a resistance range of 100 ohms to 240 kilohms, while the 38-mm by 38-mm MTT offers resistance values from 1.1 to 275 kilohms.

Vishay's TMR is designed with multiple low-ohm taps for circuit trimming. The resistor's geometries are compatible with strip lines, making them ideally suited for microwave circuits. The 20-mm by 60-mm TMR offers a resistance range of 10 to 240 ohms. All three resistors feature a TCR of 100 ppm/deg. C.

Vishay EFI capacitors are based on silicon oxide and silicon oxide/nitride combinations. The high-quality dielectric film deposited by Vishay's state-of-the-art equipment is the key factor for the high performance that characterizes these MOS and MNOS devices. At its booth, Vishay will demonstrate its NC series of thin film single-value chip and wire capacitors, and CBB and CBC thin film binary MOS capacitors.

The NC series has the advantage of increased performance and smaller size when compared with its thick film counterparts. These chips are available in sizes down to 20 mm by 20 mm, and offer capacitances from 0.5 pF up to 1000 pF and tolerances down to 2.5 %.

The CBB and CBC each contain five different capacitors in binary increments, allowing the user many choices in value selection. The devices range in size from 19 mm by 48 mm to 44 mm by 44 mm, with capacitances from 1.0 pF to 93 pF and 10 % tolerance.

Vishay EFI's thin film spiral inductors for wire bondable applications are provided with an equivalent circuit model to allow designers to improve the design accuracy and shorten development time by utilizing computer simulation tools. Vishay will showcase its RFLW series and recently introduced PSC series of RF spiral inductors. The RFLW devices are offered in sizes of 30 mm by 30 mm and 50 mm by 50 mm, with inductance ranges of 3 to 20 nH and 20 to 150 nH.

The PSC series is designed for RF circuits including impedance tuning circuits, lumped element filters, and hybrid RF integrated circuits in communications systems and test and measurement instrumentation. The spiral inductors feature a wide range of inductance values from 1 nH to 100 nH in a compact size measuring 45 mm by 45 mm. The PSC devices combine low parasitic capacitance and DCR to 0.26 ohms with high SRF to 10.2 GHz and Q to 13 at 250 MHz and 18 at 1000 MHz.


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