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New ACTIVE-SHIELD Nano Coating Launched by XTI

XTI introduces revolutionary ACTIVE-SHIELD™ Nano Coating green technology with surface-integrated Active-Air-Purification and 99.9999% Anti-Germ protection, for product surface coating and interior applications in Buildings, Automotives and Airplanes.

ACTIVE-SHIELD™ is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly transparent Photocatalyst(TiO2/TiO2Ag) surface coating based on the XTI nano-technology that provides the LONGEST LASTING and MOST POWERFUL AIR-PURIFICATION and ANTI-GERM protection: the only liquid-TiO2 with efficiency of 99.9999% in real-world applications. XTI received the highest possible SGS/Food-Lab test results conducted on protected surfaces 12 months after application: plastic, ceramic-tile, fabric, aluminum and stainless-steel.

Germs, bacteria and viruses spread via air and skin contact in high traffic, confined and pressurized spaces. The best preventive measure is to stop or minimize infections by coating contact surfaces with TiO2(Titanium-Dioxide) and air conduits/filters with TiO2Ag(Titanium-Dioxide-Nano-Silver). TiO2/Ag is a proven, powerful and natural solution that is SAFE for the human body. It utilizes Advanced-Oxidation-Process(AOP) generated by photocatasis reaction to light(UV); a similar principle to the solar-cell(photovoltaic). TiO2 in its natural powder state has vast industrial applications affecting our daily lives. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with most popular deployments in Japan, Taiwan and China.

Surface-coating however is a major challenge where current method requires an artificial bonding agent (binder) or secondary sintering coating to make it cling to a substrate. But when exposed to light(UV), the TiO2 particle is energized to “eat” up its binder resulting particles to fall off the substrate. This ‘binder’ problem is the bottleneck of current generation of TiO2 preventing popular deployment of product surface coating.

XTI’s world-exclusive Active-Nucleus Nano Particle Bonding Technology solved this critical bonding problem. Containing only TiO2 and water, the XTI ACTIVE-SHIELD™ Nano Coating is a BINDERLESS liquid-form PHOTOCATALYST that can be applied onto variety of surfaces in low temperatures, without artificial binder or secondary sintering-coating. Available in 2 formulas:

  • X.TiO2(Titanium-Dioxide)
    With unique ‘sparkling’ silver-blue particle-color (normally dark gray), the particle density coverage per square-foot IS OVER 5 billion; average X.TiO2-particle diameter size is 2~5nm while competitors’ is up to 150nm (bacteria’s diameter size: 50-500nm); the smaller the particle, the larger the aggregated surface area allowing for greater efficiency.
  • X.TiO2Ag(Titanium-Dioxide-Nano-Silver)
    Bonding and super-charging each nano-silver(Ag)-particle with TiO2(Titanium-Dioxide)-coating creates highly ‘REACTIVE’ TiO2Ag-particles, killing over 650 different kinds of germs by breaking into bacteria cells and DESTROYING them while causing no harm to human cells. Ideal for low-light/lightless applications (Facemask/Air-Duct/Filter). FDA: “TiO2 / Ag can be used in various products because of its excellent benefits”.

ACTIVE-SHIELD’s advanced-oxidation-process and sustainability (regenerate-by-light) provides the longest lasting and most powerful multi-dimensional protection:

  1. Anti-Germ (99.9999%)
  2. Air-Purification – captures and kills germs, deodorizes and purifies air, eliminates air pollutants such as bacteria and VOCs (Volatile-Organic-Compounds: formaldehyde, ammonia and many other common contaminates released by building materials and household cleaners).
  3. Anti-Odor: 150times greater odor-absorption capacity than Active-Charcoal.

The XTI ACTIVE-SHIELD™ Nano-Coating can be applied onto many types of surfaces:

  • Buildings (Office/Shop/School/Hotel/Casino/Transit Stations/Public-Washrooms)
  • Transportation (Car/Train/Bus/Airplane)
  • Work/Living Spaces (walls/windows/ceiling/doors/carpet/curtain/Air-ducts/-filters)
  • Fabrics (Fashion/Sportswear/Facemask/Uniform)
  • Consumer Products (Toys/Phone/Keyboard/Mouse/Handheld-Devices)

XTI also developed ACTIVE-SHIELD™AIRSYSTEM, providing integrated ‘active’ air-purification system for office, cars, airplanes, and commercial air sterilization applications for food/fruit storage and transportation that can prolong freshness.


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