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GE Explores Hydrophobic Nano-Engineered Surfaces to Develop Smart NanoBattery

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) today announced that it has noted, with enthusiasm, the recent announcement by General Electric that as part of its push into high-tech products that it will explore hydrophobic nano-engineered surfaces to improve the performance of other industrial products.

Such surfaces can repel a wide range of liquids but be made to temporarily lose their liquid repelling properties using a technique known as "electrowetting." The research will be conducted in the Nanocoatings Subscale Lab at General Electric's Research Center in Niskayuna, New York.

General Electric joins a number of companies in its research and development of hydrophobic surface spaces including mPhase Technologies, Inc. mPhase has recently received a United States patent for the concept of a porous membrane made from silicon that is capable of controlling the flow of a wide range of liquids, including electrolytes, used in both primary and rechargeable batteries. The concepts behind the porous membrane are being used in the development of the Smart NanoBattery to create a new type of reserve battery that has a very long shelf life and can be activated or triggered on command based upon an external event.

mPhase CEO Ron Durando said, "Smaller companies like mPhase do a lot of the initial development of various technologies, and when these new technologies reach the cusp of commercialization, companies such as GE step into the market to leverage their deep pockets and research capacities -- following the trail mPhase and others have blazed. We believe that GE's interest in hydrophobic nano-engineering surfaces is another great validation of our research and adds value to our portfolio of intellectual property."


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