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Nanolane Launch SARFUS-3D for Characterizing Nanometric Samples in Water

Nanolane is proud to announce the launch of its new equipment SARFUS 3D-IMM dedicated to the topographic characterization of nanometric samples in water.

Equipments for characterization in water are still rare, relatively complex to operate and do not offer real-time images of samples. SARFUS 3D-IMM is designed to match the needs of the engineering and research community, especially in the Life Science but also in Thin Film and Surface Treatment areas. Indeed, SARFUS 3D-IMM is dedicated to the observation of nano-objects in real-time and to the thickness measurements of ultra-thin films in water.

Like the other SARFUS products, SARFUS 3D-IMM is based on SEEC optical technique that uses specific nonreflecting surfaces for cross-polarized reflected light microscopy. These surfaces -the Surfs- are used instead of standard microscope slides and generate a contrast enhancement of about 2 orders of magnitude, extending the application fields of optical microscopy toward the nanoworld.

Thanks to the absence of scanning and its easiness of use, SARFUS 3D-IMM equipment opens new perspectives for the nano-characterization in aqueous media by allowing dynamic studies of nanometric structures and rapid quality control of samples. In addition, the equipment is proposed with a powerful 3D topographic software for complete characterization (layer thicknesses, section profiles, roughnesses...) of nanometric samples.

The main applications concerned by this innovation are:

  • Life Science
    • Biological objets
    • Vesicles
    • Lipid bilayers
    • Biochips
    • Cell adhesion
    • ...
  • Thin films & Surface Treatment
    • Polyelectrolytes
    • Sensitive films (LCST)
    • Nano-films
    • Polymer patterns
    • ..

The main features of SARFUS 3D-IMM equipment are:

  • User friendly & Fast processing
  • Repeatability : 0.1nm (according to ISO standard 17025)
  • Z-sensibility limit: 0.2nm
  • Range of measurement: 1 to 60nm
  • Lateral resolution : 330nm
  • Live video acquisition
  • Time lapse (up to 15 image per second)
  • Non destructive, no labelling
  • Compatibility with fluorescence


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