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Hecus X-Ray Systems Having Tremendous Success in BRIC Countries

Contracts amounting to millions Euro have been negotiated during the past weeks with nanotech-users in BRIC countries - the economic giants Brazil, Russia, India, and China - on which Hecus X-Ray Systems now focuses its export strategy.

Core of the recipe for success is innovation: the newly developed MICROcaliX-Technology proves to be extremely attractive. This worldwide unique solution combines x-ray nanostructure analysis and microcalorimetry - allowing simultaneous investigation of thermal and structural material characteristics - is the new star in laboratory analytics. From intelligent plastics to tablets with sustained release and improvements in dairy products; the new analytical technique delivers excellent results within shortest times.

Particularly within aspiring economic regions, where investment is shifted from mere feedstock industry - crude oil, natural resources, vegetable raw-materials - on to intelligent products with high surplus value and low CO2-footprint, the interest in Hecus-Technology has enormously increased. Hereby, the scientific background is significant: through close cooperation with leading research institutions and international technology partners, HECUS can provide comprehensive overall solutions. These are especially interesting for the demanding customer and make HECUS an attractive business partner. "To simply sell analytical systems is just not enough. It is essential to work with the customer on finding the optimal solution for their particular field of application and thus meet the users very specific need", explains Prof. Peter Laggner, CEO of HECUS XRS.

With this strategy HECUS aspires superior mid-term growth; the current order situation suggests duplication for 2011. With this anticipation the high-tech company looks confident into a future full of exciting developments.

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