New High-Power Lasers from Modulight Operate at 1310 - 1650 nm Wavelength

Modulight announced today a set of high-power single lateral mode lasers ideal for optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) and other metrology applications.

The lasers produce up to 300mW pulsed optical power and cover all conventional wavelengths between 1310 nm and 1650 nm. The products are offered in different formats ranging from laser chips to TO-cans and coaxial PCB mountable fiber pigtailed modules. On request, products can be also integrated into a PCB mountable dual or triple emitter combiner housing with single-fiber output.

Currently the following wavelengths and pulse powers (10 µs at 1 kHz) are offered as standard products:

  • 1310 nm, chip/TO-can (300mW), Pigtailed (85 mW);
  • 1490 nm, chip/TO-can (180 mW);
  • 1550 nm, chip/TO-can (200 mW), Pigtailed (65 mW);
  • 1625 nm, chip/TO-can (100 mW), Pigtailed (35 mW);
  • 1650 nm, chip/TO-can (100 mW).


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