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Showcase of Smart NanoBattery in Medical Magazine’s September Issue

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL), a leader in the development of Smart Surfaces and advanced battery technologies, today announced that its Smart NanoBattery is showcased in the September 2010 issue of Medical Products Manufacturing News.

The magazine's September issue includes a high resolution image of mPhase's porous silicon membrane, which is a core technology of the Smart NanoBattery's ability to precisely control the flow of liquids to create a new battery design having a shelf life of over 20 years. The article describes how the Smart NanoBattery capitalizes on MEMS technology and microfluidics to enable the machining of the silicon-based materials, while microfluidics controls the flow of liquid electrolyte through the battery's porous membrane and also enables filtration and separation of the liquid. While the liquid electrolyte is initially separated from the solid electrodes, microfluidic technology enables it to move through the membrane's pores to contact the electrodes when the battery is activated. The article goes on to describe how the underlying technology for regulating the flow of liquid to create a battery also has great potential for use in non battery applications.

While a Smart NanoBattery prototype is being developed under a work-program grant sponsored by the U.S. Army under a STTR program, Ron Durando, the CEO of mPhase says that mPhase has its sights on the medical device industry. "The battery has the potential to be suitable for external and implantable medical devices," he adds. "These can include devices such as glucose monitors and drug-release devices."

Medical Products Manufacturing News, is published by Cannon Communications LLC, a an organization specializing in medical magazines, newsletters and online web site focused on informing members of the medical community on news and forward looking devices and technologies having applications in the medical industry.


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