Wafer-Level Camera Manufacturer Expands Sales in Korea

Nemotek Technologie, a manufacturer of customized Wafer-Level Cameras for portable applications, today announced its sales expansion in Korea with Saram International. Saram will serve as a representative of Nemotek and a distributor of its customized offerings including wafer-level optics (WLO), wafer-level packaging (WLP) and wafer-level cameras (WLC).

The partnership will deliver to the Korean market miniaturized wafer-level solutions – that improve quality and functionality – for new applications, including mobile phone, automotive, security and medical.

The high-tech industry in Korea continues to grow drastically and more specifically in the camera module worldwide market. As such, there is an increasing demand for compact camera solutions that will further advance this sector. Nemotek’s ability to streamline the entire distribution process by leveraging in-house capabilities, from complete design to manufacturing and testing, provides a competitive advantage to customers in Korea.

“Nemotek is a well-positioned company with proven technology and financial stability. They take great pride in customer satisfaction and producing high-quality, small form factor wafer-level camera solutions with a faster time-to-market,” said Mr. June Yoo, President of Saram International. “By representing Nemotek in Korea, we will provide access to the highest quality solutions and the benefits of a streamlined distribution process – helping to decrease production costs.”

For this partnership, Saram brings its experience in marketing and sales in the electronic industry specifically for camera modules, optical storage, semiconductors and displays. It will leverage its new business development, field sales activities and technology services to expand Nemotek’s customer reach in the Korean market.

“Our partnership with Saram will expand our full line of wafer-level solutions in Korea as well as complement our existing growth efforts in Asia, which includes Japan, Taiwan and China,” said Mr. Hatim Limati, Vice President of Nemotek Technologie. “We look forward to working with Saram and targeting new opportunities for wafer-level cameras in Korea and enabling customers to take full advantage of Nemotek’s offerings.”

Source: http://www.nemotektechnologies.com/


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