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Manufacturing Digital's February Issue Features New Learjet 85 and Nanotechnology

Manufacturing Digital is proud to announce the release of its February Issue. This issue covers the new Learjet 85 and nanotechnology.

It has been more than 10 years since a new Learjet platform was introduced to the general aviation market. In the February issue of Manufacturing Digital we feature the new Learjet 85, which promises to fly further and faster than any of its predecessors. As one of the world's largest civil aircraft manufacturer's, Bombardier is hoping its latest project, the Learjet 85, will revolutionise the industry. Ralph Acs, vice-president of Learjet 85 at Bombardier Business Aircraft, discusses the company's innovative 'clean-sheet' approach to the project and gives us an insight on the latest technologies that we can expect to see from the Learjet85.

We also take a close look at how nanotechnology is being used by car manufacturers today and its potential for the future. "Nanotechnology has a wide variety of applications in many vehicle components, including the car body, windows, tires, control system, catalytic converter, and engine systems," says Wijia Xie, an industry analyst from research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

With nanotechnology expected to be a key driver for innovation in the automotive industry, companies like Toyota, General Motors, Ford and Rolls Royce are all taking a lead in using the technology to improve the safety, comfort, efficiency and eco-friendliness of future generation cars.

In this issue's global trends blog, Manufacturing Digital is looking at the 3D phenomenon and asks the question is it a passing fad or the future of technology?


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