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Nansulate Thermal Insulation to Reduce Energy Consumption

Industrial Nanotech, a developer of nanotechnology- based energy saving packages, is embarking on multiple pilot projects with healthcare providers and around 16 universities across the U.S. in an endeavor to enhance the efficiency of their steam processes with the Nansulate thermal insulation and coatings to prevent corrosion.

The U.S. Department of Energy report on “Heat Loss per 100 Feet of Uninsulated Steam Line” says its Industrial Technologies Program Steam Tip Sheet; a non-insulated 4inch diameter steam line measuring 2000 feet in length, running at 150PSIG could lose 17000 million BTU’s (MMBTU) annually.

According to Francesca Crolley, vice president of business development for Industrial Nanotech, members of the U.S. Department of Energy’s 'Save Energy Now' program assist companies to reduce energy costs. Her company has prepared two spreadsheet calculators on the lines of DOE steam tables to help organizations determine the energy savings that could emanate from insulating steam pipes and valves.

The coatings can be applied on heat exchangers by Erenko Textile, who also conducted experiments on the same capacity units running a 60 minute cycle of 60°C, reduced steam emission cycles from 24 injections across 60 minutes down to 2 injections, to bring down energy consumption by 20% and providing 10% reduction in production costs. A coating across a big steam line in a chemical production facility lowered surface temperature from 302°F to 100°F with only 1/2inch insulation thickness. Corrosion under insulation was also stopped.

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