Deep UV Laser Beam Helps Trace Particles at 22 nm

Applied Materials has introduced a technology to analyze interconnects in 22 nm and under-performing memory and logic chips.

The Applied DFinder solution is a darkfield apparatus that uses deep DUV lasers for chip producers. It can track nano-particles on patterned wafers for high output. It saves costs by 40%.

The DUV laser beam helps trace particles at 22nm down to 40nm in dimension. The grazing-angle visual course and full polarization monitoring separates particles from the pattern on the manufacturing wafers. This helps identification of particles that restrict manufacturing. It also does not track incorrect particles. The can identify the difference between patterns and defects to reduce time and overall costs.

Ronen Benzion, vice president and general manager of Applied's Process Diagnostics and Control business unit, states that the system has been designed in an endeavor to address future edition of faults. It is suitable for development and building of foundry and memory.


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