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NanoBusiness Alliance Alters Name to NanoBusiness Commercialization Association

The NanoBusiness Alliance has announced a name change to NanoBusiness Commercialization Association, which displays the dedication to its enterprise of nanotechnology business and nantechnology merchandise commercialization.

This name change signifies that the concern is moving into a new epoch, since new nanotechnology goods worth of billions of dollars arrive at the marketplace and passionate scientific research will offer new products to consumers that might change the way one lives.

The dream of NanoBusiness Commercialization Association is obvious and focused and aims to make sure that the United States is a global leader in this growing nanotechnology field. The association is forming a lively and interactive community in order to share information.

The mission of the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association has been advanced, so as to endorse the commercialization of products designed and developed by nanotechnology. National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) should promote the constant spending by the United States and America in turn must fund continuously from R&D to NNI for commercialization. The members should be informed about EHS regulation from Federal (EPA and FDA) and State governments, with monitoring the planned legislation.


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