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Fluidigm’s Singapore Facility Dispatches over One Billion Microscopic NanoFlex Valves

Fluidigm has declared that its facility in Singapore has fabricated and dispatched microscopic NanoFlex valves to the count of over a billion.

The NanoFlex valves are so tiny that 10 valves are required to measure to equal a human hair width and these valves are embedded into the company’s integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs). The valves block or discharge flow of fluids comprising genetic prototypes and reagents in microfluidic chips applied in life science research. They allow accurate monitoring of complicated fluid-handling stages without losing consistency. The IFC technology embedded with multitudes of these valves are used to research a wide range of traits from individual cell genomics to those of locally grown tomatoes.

The president and CEO of Fluidgm, Gajus Worthington stated that NanoFlex valves are one of their main inventions, which enable them to provide life science researchers globally with solutions for the most complicated life science issues. According to the MD of Fluidigm, Singapore, Mai Chan (Grace) Yow, the effort involved in fabricating over a billion NanoFlex valves is appreciable as it involved the passion and dedication of a committed team of people.


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