Optomec Optimizes Aerosol Jet Marathon Series for High Volume Printed Electronics Applications

Optomec declared that its Aerosol Jet Marathon Series is available for high volume printed electronics manufacturing. The Marathon Series utilizes an advanced level of Aerosol Jet print module technology that sets high performance standards in applications requiring printing of fine features and coating of wide areas.

The print module of the 3 nozzle Marathon Series offers extra configurations such as a 3MM wide nozzle and a 10 nozzle, which will be delivered to clients in the next quarter. Marathon Series print modules can be customized to suit independent Aerosol Jet Print Engines or systems that are combined with third party automation systems.

The Marathon Series has a refillable atomizer cartridge to infuse aerosolized substance into the print head directly resulting in elimination of tubing and shortening of the material delivery path, thus enabling consistent, trouble free operation. The temperature within the atomizer cartridge of the Marathon Series and print head are independently monitored using an integrated thermal insulation wall. This standard of process control and integration for the complete material delivery system is the major factor for consistency in operation in large-scale printed electronics manufacturing.

Extensive pilot testing of Marathon Series print modules were finished successfully at a number of client sites and the applications that were tested includes printing of dielectrics, fine line printing of 3D interconnects, and deposition of wide area coatings.

Source: http://www.optomec.com/

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