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STMicroelectronics Collaborates with Circuits Multi Projets to Release the 28nm CMOS Process

STMicroelectronics, in collaboration with Circuits Multi Projets (CMP), declared that its CMOS 28nm process will be made available for prototyping to research labs, universities and companies by utilizing CMP’s silicon brokerage services.

The release of 28nm CMOS process is a continuance of past success which permitted companies and universities to access previous CMOS systems including 45nm, 65nm, 90nm, and 130nm. CMP is also providing 65nm and 130nm Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) and STMicroelectronics’s 130nm SiGe processes.

Around 170 companies and universities were supplied with the design kits and design rules for the 90nm CMOS process. The design kits and design rules for 65nm bulk and SOI CMOS processes was supplied to more than 200 universities and companies. The 45/40nm CMOS is still under deployment.

The CMP multi-project wafer service enables companies to receive small quantities of advanced ICs, ranging from a few tens to a few thousand units.

The Director of CMP, Bernard Courtois, stated that companies have shown considerable interest in fabricating ICs using these processes. Around 300 projects have been developed in 90nm, and 200 projects have been developed already in 65nm. He added that 60 more projects have previously been developed in 65nm SOI and many leading universities in the US, Europe and Asia want to avail the CMP / ST offer.


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