e-time Energy Expands Nano-Coating Screening Product Market

e-time Energy, nano-coating manufacturer has declared that they will be expanding their distribution network throughout USA, Canada, and Europe, for marketing its patented HPS liquid solar screening device for windows.

HPS uses nanotechnology to minimize the heating impact of the sun’s radiation during summer and during winter, it minimizes loss of heat. Any type of glass surfaces regardless of its curvature, size, production, and shape can easily be coated with this product. Internal or external application of this coating to windows prevents 99.7% UV and 70% of infrared ray penetration through windows without significantly reducing transmission of light or causing any optical distortions.

For the past three years, HPS has been evaluated for performance and VOC emissions by stand-alone test labs in USA, Canada, and Europe. OnSpeX, a part of the CSA group of evaluation and testing companies has tested and certified HPS as meeting all standard requirements. The tests prove that the product has the ability to normally operate for fifteen to twenty years without any change in performance levels and any kind of deterioration in the product.

Jonathan Panigas, e-time Energy general manager stated that HPS is an innovative product providing long-term protection and saving of electricity and gas expenses nearly 20% to 40% per year. Scott Levinson, ePower & Lighting owner, stated that the benefits of HPS include easy installation, cost savings and better comfort to all occupants of the country. Besides expanding into western US, eastern US, and Hawaii, e-time Energy is collaborating with Elektrolution AB, in Sweden.

Source: http://www.etimeenergy.com

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