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Toshiba Introduces New Line of 24-nm e-MMC Devices

Toshiba America Electronic Components has expanded its NAND flash family with the launch of a new series of superior performance 24-nm e-MMC devices.

24-nm e-MMC devices

The e-MMC devices are embedded NAND flash memory modules with densities varying between 2 GB and 128 GB, and comply with the JEDEC e-MMC Version 4.41 standard. Their compact size, better performance, higher densities and lower processing costs make them suitable for space-efficient devices, including POS systems, servers, printers, digital video cameras, eBooks, tablet PCs and smartphones.

The toggle-mode double data rate (DDR) NAND offers better performance and reduces problems that occur with a single data rate NAND, while allowing quicker sequential performance and random access. The 24 nm e-MMC devices feature both e-MMC controller and NAND flash memory of 128 GB in one package. They couple up to 16 pieces of 64 Gb NAND chips designed by the advanced 24 nm technology of Toshiba.

Toshiba employed sophisticated layering and chip thinning technologies on individual chips with thickness of 30 µm for coupling 16 pieces of 64 Gb die in e-MMC to obtain a memory of 128 GB. Toshiba America Electronic Components’ Senior Business Development Manager of Mobile Communications, Scott Beekman stated that the company’s 128 GB e-MMC device can now be housed in a compact 14 x 18 package that can be supported by most applications using confined spaces.

The 24 nm embedded NAND flash memory module manages important operations, including wear leveling, error correction and writing block management. It facilitates system development by enabling producers to reduce development costs and accelerate market-reach time for latest and advanced products. It allows the configuration of multiple storage areas, including a multi-level cell space for data storage and improved memory space for system codes or files.



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