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Intel and Micron Technology Receive Award for 20 nm Flash Memory Process Technology

Micron Technology and Intel have received the most innovative flash memory technology award at the 2011 Flash Memory Summit for their 20 nm 8 GB NAND flash memory process technology.

The 8 GB NAND device from the companies offer maximum capacity with the tiniest form factor. The most economical method for improving NAND output presently is to shrink NAND lithography to memory process technology node enabling nearly more than 50 % gigabyte capacity when compared to the present technology. In addition, the 20 nm process technology enhances the companies' objective to allow instant and reasonable access to the world's data.

The latest NAND device measures only 118 mm2 and reduces about 30 to 40% board space based on the type of package in contrast to present 25 nm 8GB NAND devices. By reducing the flash storage layout, higher system-level efficiency is obtained as it allows smartphone and tablet manufacturers to utilize the additional space for improvements in the final-product such as larger screen, a bigger size battery, or the inclusion of additional chip to handle extra features.

The VP of Micron's NAND Solutions Group, Glen Hawk stated that the advancement in storage from the information center to completely-featured tablets and smartphones is increasing the demands for NAND flash memory process technology, particularly large capacity in small designs. Tom Rampone, Intel VP and GM of the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, stated that NAND high level innovation and silicon process is the base for the flash memory industry for providing final solutions such as solid-state drives.


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