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Nanotech Security Develops Banknote Authentication Method Using Nanotechnology

Nanotech Security, which specialises in providing applications for security and law enforcement, has announced that it has developed a master shim on which it is possible to develop nanoholes cost-effectively and rapidly in a range of materials including banknotes.

The nano-scale structures developed by the shim is almost the same as that observed in Morpho butterflies. The shim is aimed at banknote manufacturers who require secure features in banknotes to prevent counterfeiting. Nanotech Security has used its QuickShift technology to customise the shims according to the requirement of the customer. The company can also change the colours based on the angle at which the shim is viewed. It has copied the images of the master shim on to materials such as acetates, polyethylene and polypropylene which are used in banknotes. The master shim can be developed in sizes ranging from microns to centimetres.

Counterfeiting is believed to be one of the major causes of losses in businesses. As per the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition which is a non-profit organisation in the US, counterfeiting causes losses of up to $600 billion to global businesses and up to $250 billion losses to US based companies. Various third party companies have approached Nanotech Security to produce the master shims for commercial purposes on trial basis. The company has also hired three more scientists to meet its widening customer portfolio. The new technology is considered to be safer than other methods such as watermark or holograms as these can be easily reproduced on paper through appropriate printing equipment.


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