Pioneer Surgical Starts Clinical Study of Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite-Based 3D Bone Craft

Pioneer Surgical, a company specializing in medical devices, has announced the start of human clinical study of its three-dimensionally shaped bone graft product called nanOss Bioactive 3D that consists of a proprietary collagen-based biopolymer and nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite to support the growth of bone in the posterolateral spine.

nanOss Bioactive 3D is a three-dimensionally shaped addition to Pioneer Surgical's flagship biologic bone graft product line, nanOss Bioactive.

nanOss Bioactive 3D bone graft is the latest member of nanOss Bioactive, Pioneer Surgical’s biologic bone graft portfolio. It is a resorbable bone void filler made of porous calcium phosphate. It acts as a scaffold to support the growth of new bone. The osteoconductive implant features an interconnected porosity resembling that of the human cancellous bone.

nanOss Bioactive 3D bone craft is a semi-rigid, three-dimensional structure that comprises porous hydroxyapatite granules dispersed inside the porous gelatin-based foam matrix. During its hydration with bone marrow aspirate, the bone craft turns out to be an elastic and compressible sponge that makes the implant shape to match with the defect, which in turn optimizes direct contact with the host bone. nanOss Bioactive 3D is made sterile by exposing the bone craft to gamma irradiation. The bone craft is designed for single use only.

Pioneer Surgical’s General Manager – Biologics, Shane Ray stated that the company is happy with the first clinical utilization of nanOss Bioactive 3D. With this latest bone craft product, the company now has a comprehensive biologic product line, he added. The company now offers a comprehensive line of synthetic human tissue and bone graft products such as human demineralized bone matrix bone grafts, machined cervical, conventional lumbar and lateral allograft, and bone graft delivery accessories.


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