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Singapore Research Center Places Order for Arradiance’s ALD Tool

Arradiance has announced that the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) has placed an order for Arradiance’s GEMStar-8 benchtop atomic layer deposition (ALD) system. It is the company’s first order for the system.

GEMStar-8 benchtop ALD System

GEMStar is capable of processing wafers having a diameter of 8" by utilizing up to 8 precursors. Hence, it has the versatility to process complex recipes designed for the most-difficult, high-aspect ratio applications.

Arradiance’s Director of Process Development and Principal Scientist, Dr. Philippe de Rouffignac stated that with its extensive experience in ultra-high aspect ratio and sensitive microchannel structures, the company understands the necessity for a system capable of depositing films repeatedly, uniformly and efficiently. Rouffignac added that the company also understands that to fulfill the requirements of researchers, the system have to be compact, powerful and versatile to deal with a broad array of applications, materials and substrates.

According to MIT Research Scientist, Dr. Mayank Bulsara, the GEMStar fulfills the requirement of SMART for an ALD tool. Bulsara added that the GEMStar is compact, flexible and capable of handling several 8-inch wafers needed for sophisticated semiconductor process development and chip design work.

The Chief Executive Officer at Arradiance, Ken Stenton stated that with its broad knowledge in product development, systems engineering and materials science, the company developed a powerful ALD tool for engineers and researchers. Stenton further said that the company is confident that its GEMStar-8 benchtop ALD tool will surpass all needs.


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