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Anasys Instruments Nano Thermal Analysis Paper Wins Award from ANTEC 2011

Anasys Instruments has been chosen to receive a Best Paper Award for 2011 for a talk given at ANTEC 2011.

The paper, titled "Rapid Determination of Cure Rate and Direct Identification of Spatial Variations in Cross Link Density", was presented at the Polymer Analysis: Advances in Analytical Characterization: Hyphenated and New Techniques Division session during the ANTEC conference at the beginning of May this past year. On behalf of Anasys, Roshan Shetty will receive the award at ANTEC 2012.

The paper discusses how traditional bulk thermal analysis fails to supply sufficient information about complex structures or heterogeneities within polymeric systems. Nanoscale Thermal Analysis enables real-time tracking of cure kinetics and unparalleled surface sensitivity in thermal analysis. There is a significant opportunity to accelerate development cycles and to identify elusive structures arising from unfavorable stochiometry in new formulations.

Kevin Kjoller, who presented the paper at ANTEC 2011, said "We are very excited about these new applications. Traditional techniques can take hours to determine crosslink density while nanoscale thermal analysis can reduce this to a few minutes, while providing information in situ on a range of samples including very thin films. In addition, the technique provides local information so that spatial variations in the crosslink density can be analyzed."

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