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Optomec Exhibits Aerosol Jet 3D Printed Electronics at SEMICON West Conference

Optomec, a developer of additive manufacturing solutions, has declared that it will exhibit aerosol jet 3D printed electronics at the SEMICON west conference and tradeshow, which will be conducted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California on July 10-12. The 3D printed electronics can be used in semiconductor packaging and similar applications.

The company will showcase its industrial devices with 3D printed electronics that include a multi-chip package with fine line conformal interconnects, an automotive tank with a control circuitry and a fill level sensor, aircraft components with printed antennae, power distribution circuitry, and sensors. The electronic components and interconnects can be directly printed onto complex-shaped structures in order to develop light weight, compact, and better performance end products.

The company will also display the fine-feature capabilities of a new conductive epoxy, which was produced for applications in the aerosol jet printing process. The material and the aerosol jet system can be used together to achieve high-conductivity adhesive features for high-stress interconnect applications and surface mount.

The Aerosol Jet technology has an ability to print different kinds of electronic materials onto non-planar surfaces, thus making it as a suitable solution for a number of packaging applications. Aerosol jet generates a high velocity material mist stream, thus allowing the system to print interconnects on vertically stacked dies without the need for adjusting it to a Z-height position. The system can print wide features greater than 1 cm and fine features less than 10 µ, thus making it suitable for both coating and microelectronic applications.

The aerosol jet system can be used to independently control several print heads, wherein each print head can consists of several nozzles with greater degree of system scalability in order to satisfy application throughput requirements.


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