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Innovative Micro-Nanosenors to Evaluate Gas Quality

Gas company Naturgas leads the Evalgas project, focused on the construction of an intelligent network of wireless sensors by means of microtechnologies to evaluate the quality of gases both with respect to its supply and its consumption.

The project, which will be destined to the industrial and national sector has over 4 million Euros and is financed by the ETORGAI programme of the Basque Government.

The development of sensors based on micro-nanotechnologies to evaluate gases is based on the creation of a self-adaptive, flexible and self-configurable network with respect to changes in topology, the quantity of nodes and the possibility to communicate with other external networks.

These technologies will make it possible to manufacture devices prepared to analyse gaseous mixtures in the domestic, commercial and industrial fields. The system will be able to measure the quality of the natural gas supplied and also the volume of gas consumed and the energy it contains.

In addition, the devices will allow for monitoring of the environmental quality to detect leaks or improper combustion and the integration of these measures in the local sensor networks in the field known as "Internet of the Future".

In addition to Naturgas, other companies participate in the project Desarrollo Software Miramón 4, Microelectrónica Maser, Sarein Sistemas, Urban Intelligent and ZIV Medida, as well as technological centres CEIT-IK4 and ZIV I+D.

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