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Research and Markets Add Book on Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Transport to its Offering

Market research solutions provider Research and Markets has included the book titled "Experimental Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Transport" to their product offering. The book is authored by Xinwei Wang and published by John Wiley and Sons. It focuses on experimental methods in micro/nanoscale materials for thermal transport characterization.

The thermophysical properties of nanomaterials employed in various engineering applications can be studied only by experiments and methods that measure and validate pertinent data. The book highlights such techniques developed in the author’s laboratory. The author claims that his techniques involve decreased experimental time, high-accuracy measurements and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio. The book serves as a guide for conducting those experiments, interpreting results and for calculating uncertainties. It takes the readers through the process of establishing and implementing new technologies for micro/nanoscale measurement of thermal conductivity and diffusivity.

Some of the techniques covered in the book include pulsed laser-assisted-thermal relaxation (PLTR) techniques, transient photo-electro-thermal (TPET) and transient electro-thermal (TET) for transient time domain measurements, optical heating and electrical thermal sensing (OHETS) technique for measurement in the frequency domain, generalized electro-thermal (GET) technique for full-spectrum thermophysical measurements and Raman spectroscopy for temperature differential measurement to directly assess local thermal resistance at the material interface.


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