Nanopatterning Solution Provider Receives Order for Multiple Imprint Modules

Molecular Imprints, a provider of high-resolution nanopatterning systems and solutions, has secured a purchase order from a major semiconductor equipment company to procure multiple imprint modules for integration into its stepper systems.

These modules comprise Molecular Imprints’ in-house Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography (J-FIL) technology, which provides the required performance for mass production of sophisticated semiconductor memory devices.

Molecular Imprints’ latest J-FIL technology has shown 24-nm patterning with better critical dimension uniformity (1.2 nm CDU, 3 sigma) and line edge roughness (<2 nm LER, 3 sigma) with scalability to 10 nm utilizing a single patterning step process. J-FIL technology’s intrinsic cost of ownership (CoO) benefits attained through the elimination of intricate optical lenses and mirrors, complexities with imaging utilizing ultrasensitive photoresists, and power limited EUV light sources, make it ideal for production of semiconductor memory devices.

According to Molecular Imprints’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Melliar-Smith, this multiple module purchase order reflects customers’ vote of confidence that J-FIL is in the last stages of production readiness. The company’s internal teams have teamed up with equipment and commercial mask partners for development activities and have achieved significant progress in the past one year, especially in the areas of overall CoO and defectivity. The company is anticipating the next phase of commercialization of its J-FIL technology and looking forward to facilitate the semiconductor memory device roadmap for the future.


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