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Report on Sales Growth in Flow Cytometry Market

Research and Markets has included a new report titled ‘Flow Cytometry 2012: A Focus on Sales Growth’ to its catalogue.

Flow cytometry was in the development stage in the 1960s and has now emerged as a widely adopted technique for clinical purposes and in the research setting. The report predicts that the flow cytometry market will reach a value of more than $4 billion by 2015.
Nevertheless, market scenario is swiftly changing due to the development of new applications and introduction of new instruments. Nowadays, vendors and developers operating in this field are focusing their resources towards those areas that promote their own growth strategies and sales.

This report discusses current and emerging market trends in the flow cytometry market in detail, thus helping in finding new opportunities and promoting sales and marketing efforts in this field. It is a result of a comprehensive global analysis contributed by over 260 experienced flow cytometry users. Its findings are useful to vendors and developers operating in the flow cytometry market to improve their sales and to know the changes that spur new advancements in the field.

The comprehensive report provides data pertaining to sales and marketing, qualified sales leads, competitive position, customer needs and future plans, new market opportunities, growing and declining areas, new and emerging applications, and threats.

Key topics covered in the report include Introduction; Study Participants; Purpose of Flow Cytometry; Main Activities; Flow Cytometric Tests; Therapeutic Area; Main Diseases; Samples; General Applications; Clinical Applications; Main Applications; New Applications; Emerging Applications; Suppliers; Main Flow Cytometer, Strengths and Weaknesses; Reagents and Assays; Sample Preparation; Software; Challenges; Innovation; Disease Biomarkers; Flow Cytometry Expenditure and Budgets; Consumables; and Quality Control.


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