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Portable Opaque Environment Monitoring Device with Nanoscale Radar Chips Wins Innovation Award

JSC Design Bureau of experimental work – KBOR, Moscow, Russia, became the laureate in Innovation product of the year for a device, created in JSC KBOR - PicoR series - a multifunctional portable device for opaque environment monitoring. This device can be used to measure ice and snow thickness in real time on lakes' ice roads and also to define the thickness of asphalt on roads.

PicoR series - a multifunctional portable device for opaque environment monitoring. (PRNewsFoto/Novelda AS)

The device can be fastened on vehicles and operates at speeds up to 40 km/h (24 mph) and measurements can be mapped to real world coordinates.

Ice thickness indicator PicoR-ICE 2Ì are now successfully used in many Russian regions, particularly in Siberia with temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius. The device ensures the safety of transport communication on ice crossings and winter roads.

"We are proud of the JSC KBOR PicoR series award and that it has Novelda technology inside. The Novelda NVA6000 series Impulse Radar transceivers are cutting-edge radar transceivers that incorporate extremely high frame rate and accuracy, in addition to unique penetration capabilities. Integrated on a single chip; this radar transceivers transmits pulses of high bandwidth," says Novelda's CMO Aage Kalsaeg.

In comparison to traditional technology, the Novelda NVA6000 Impulse Radar transceiver offers several improvements and value added features.

The ability to detect objects behind obstacles, coupled with increased speed and high sensitivity, not only makes it complementary and/or a substitute for existing technologies such as ultrasound, video and infrared sensors, but it has catered new areas of applications as well.

The Novelda Impulse Radar transceiver successfully caters to sensor applications across a range of sectors including health monitoring (including stress and pulse monitoring), medical diagnosis (including heart beat monitoring and 3D RF-imaging), automotive and industrial (including distance and road obstacle detection), security surveillance (such as motion detection), and energy automation and defense.

"Unlike technologies that demand free visibility, Novelda NVA6000 Impulse Radar transceiver's ability to detect objects behind obstacles, eliminates the need to clean lenses, thus ensuring cost savings for customers," concludes Kalsaeg. "In addition, Novelda saves costs and time for developers by supplying development kits, Radar modules and software, and providing development support for the entire range of available chips."


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