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ILC Dover Offers Cost-Effective Flexible Containment Systems for Nanotechnology Applications

ILC Dover, the designer and manufacturer of NASA's space suits and a wide range of engineered film and fabric products, announced today its innovative, flexible containment systems are being offered for nanotechnology applications.

ILC Dover Engineered Controls Allow Safe Nanomanufacturing. (PRNewsFoto/ILC Dover)

These cost-effective disposable systems are engineered to contain powder transfers from cGMP to nanogram levels and range from single use transfers to multi-use flexible enclosures. ILC Dover pioneered flexible containment for the pharmaceutical industry 16 years ago and is now being seen as the industry leader in Engineered Controls for nanoparticles.

ILC Dover offers a broad range of Flexible systems to support safe nanoparticle processing operations. Processes that can benefit from their Industrial Containment Solutions include, but are not limited to: Reactor charging, Weighing, Blending, Particle sizing, as well as Vessel Charging and Offloading. Cost effective operations for nanomaterial-containing products are seen by eliminating the need for expensive stainless steel isolators, reducing product loss via exhaust ventilation, and reducing downtime caused by cleaning that is needed in uncontrolled processes. In addition, product quality is maximized by eliminating cross contamination issues.

"We are extremely pleased that ILC Dover has agreed to become a component of our training efforts involving the Nanotechnology OEHS Campus and nanoTox Academy," said Don Ewert , Vice President - Field Services at nanoTox ( "Their willingness to share leading edge expertise with attendees looking for the best possible Engineering Controls when processing nanoparticles is a great addition to these programs."

"We collaborate with manufacturers, researchers, educators, and government agencies to develop the most effective approach for each specific application," said Alan George , Business Development Manager for ILC's Commercial Containment Products group. "We look to help create a safe working environment using our standard solutions, but we also specialize in custom exposure control designs so that the right tool is provided for the right process."


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