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New Thermal Nanotechnology from Aerotherm Insulation

Aerotherm by Aerogel Technologies Corp brings a new thermal insulation Nanotechnology to the outdoor industry’s Footwear, Apparel and Gear products.

In 2013-14 leading outdoor brands have partnered with Aerogel Technologies Corp including The North Face, Millet, Peak Performance, Salomon, Rocky Brands, Fjallraven, Hyalite Equipment, NEMO and more are developing and launching their latest innovations using Aerotherm insulation.

Advantages of Aerotherm insulation:

  • Comprised of the newest NASA developed aerogel material
  • Record low thermal conductivity, up to 8 times better insulator than traditionally used materials
  • Highest thermal performance, holding 14 world records
  • Unlike lofted fibrous insulation materials Aerotherm does not decrease its performance when being compressed ideal choice for applications where compression happens (Footwear- Apparel -Gear)
  • Aerotherm is extremely thin (as this as 1.5mm), flexible & water resistant.

Along with our growing roster of leading outdoor Apparel, Footwear & Gear brand partners; Aerogel Technologies Corp has also launched Aerotherm branded products of our own including:

Aerotherm - Footwear Insoles
Aerotherm - Seat Pad, Sleeping Pads
Aerotherm - Gloves
Aerotherm - Grill Mit
Aerotherm - Cooler Case
Aerotherm - Essential Equipment Collection for Outdoor enthusiasts (encompassing all products above).

All products can also be private labeled upon request.

Aerotherm insulation ( is tested and proven; the world’s most advanced thermal insulation protection used in outdoor products including Gear, Footwear, and Apparel.


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