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Atoms and Molecular Computing Seminar at TNT 2013

Seville (Spain) hosted the 14th edition of the Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2013) from the 09thuntil the 13th of September 2013.

This high-level scientific meeting aims to present a broad range of current research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology as well as related policies or other kind of initiatives. TNT events have demonstrated that they are particularly effective in transmitting information and establishing contacts among workers in this field.

The TNT2013 structure kept the fundamental features of the previous editions, providing a unique opportunity for broad interaction.

Within its dissemination & training activities, the EU Integrated Project AtMol (funded under ICT/FET) organized a session on "Atoms and molecular computing" during TNT 2013. This session featured 4 Keynote speakers, 3 of them belonging to the EU project:

  • Masakazu Aono (MANA / NIMS, Japan)

  • Antonio M. Echavarren (ICIQ, Spain) – AtMol Unit 02: Molecule logic gate chemistry & design.

  • Leonhard Grill (University of Graz, Austria) – AtMol Unit 01: Back interconnects nanofabrication process.

  • Philip Moriarty (University of Nottingham, UK) – AtMol Unit 01: Back interconnects nanofabrication process.

Extended abstracts from this particular session will be published in the 2013 E-nano Newsletter section dedicated to the AtMol Integrated Project.

AtMol project is currently establishing a comprehensive process flow for fabricating a molecular chip, i.e. a molecular processing unit comprising a single molecule connected to external mesoscopic electrodes with atomic scale precision and preserving the integrity of the gates down to the atomic level after the encapsulation. AtMol aims to explore and demonstrate how the combination of classical and quantum information inside the same atomic scale circuit increases the computing power of the final logic circuit.

TNT conference series provides an ideal venue for industrial, academic and governmental organizations to share common objectives and drive the commercialisation of nanotechnology discoveries.

TNT 2013:

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