SilTerra and CMT Release MTP Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Solution in 110nm High Voltage Technology

SilTerra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian home grown leading semiconductor wafer foundry, and Chip Memory Technology, Inc, an innovative memory IP design house, jointly announced today the production release of Multiple-Time-Programming (MTP) embedded non-volatile memory solution in SilTerra’s advanced 110nm High Voltage technology.

CMT’s MTP memory macro is now silicon characterized and qualified on SilTerra’s 110nm High Voltage technology, cost optimized with no additional masking layer nor special process module needed. The MTP macro has passed 10 thousand times of endurance read-write cycles followed by 1000 hours of burn-in reliability tests. The IP has also successfully demonstrated 10 years of data retention reliability and met industry recognized JEDEC standard.

This MTP memory IP will play a pivotal role in SilTerra’s effort to win in the fast growing touch controller Integrated Circuit (IC) market which is now a standard feature in all the mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, multimedia players, laptops, digital cameras, GPS as well as other computing, consumer, automotive, industrial and medical applications. This MTP memory IP will add programmability to the touch controller IC in a single chip resulting in more elegant and smaller design by eliminating the older approach of using multiple external NOR Flash or EEPROM discrete memory chips. The single chip touch controller IC which help customers shrink the board footprint design and hence reduce overall BOM cost.

“I am pleased with the launch of CMT’s MTP memory IP on SilTerra’s advanced High Voltage technology. We are excited about the partnership with CMT to deliver this innovative technology to help our customers transform and win the fast growing touch controller IC market by enabling programmable capability in the touch controller IC in a single chip, dramatically shrinking the design and resulting in the most cost competitive solution in the market.” said Yit Loong Lai, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing of SilTerra.

“With our MTP memory IP fully qualified in SilTerra 110nm High Voltage technology, CMT is able to offer customized MTP solutions to our mutual customers immediately. Customers will
be able to design a cost effective SoC chip and shorten time to market.” commented Dr. Wingyu Leung, President and CEO of CMT Inc.

“Moving forward, with the growing trend towards integrating touch controller with display driver IC for In-cell Oxide-TFT panel, the combination of SilTerra’s High Voltage technology and CMT’s MTP solution is well positioned to win the race.” quoted Lai.


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