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Molex to Exhibit Polymicro Technologies VS Capillary Tubing at Pittcon 2015

Molex Incorporated will exhibit Polymicro Technologies™ Tight Tolerance Vision System (VS) Flexible Fused Silica Capillary Tubing at Booth 2518, Pittcon Conference and Exposition, March 8 - 12, 2015 in New Orleans. Polymicro Technologies VS capillary tubing provides industry-leading precise internal diameter (ID) tolerances for unparalleled gas and fluidic flow control in medical, scientific and industrial applications.

“Laboratory professionals need the most reliable capillary tubing with tight tolerances for repeatable flow control,” said Joe Macomber, product manager, Molex. “VS flexible fused silica capillary tubing consistently holds tight ID tolerances to achieve the most precise flow control in the industry.”

Loose capillary ID tolerances can result in unwanted dead-volumes, band broadening, inconsistent flow rates, and imprecise dosage delivery. Drawn from high-purity synthetic fused silica preforms, Polymicro Technologies VS flexible fused silica capillary tubing delivers consistently superior performance and optimal flow control with an ID tolerance down to ±1 µm for IDs as large as 50 µm. This improves dosage precision, yields highly reproducible gas and fluid delivery rates, and decreases variance of system dead-volumes in critical applications such as nano-flow liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy, among other advantages in virtually any application using capillary tubing.

The industry-standard outer diameter dimensions of Polymicro Technologies VS capillary tubing easily interface with existing connector technology. Synthetic fused silica capillary properties allow tubing to be cut or cleaved to length. Rated for operation up to 350 degrees Celsius, a durable polyimide outer coating resists chemical damage and abrasion for better mechanical flexibility and protection during use and handling.

“Polymicro Technologies VS capillary tubing can be tailored to a customer’s most stringent specifications to boost design efficiency and productivity in the lab,” adds Macomber.

Molex specializes in the production of Polymicro Technologies synthetic-fused silica, specialty natural quartz and doped fused silica capillary tubing, ranging from thin-walled polyimide-coated flexible fused silica tubing to thick-walled, uncoated fused silica or quartz tubing. Polymicro Technologies fused silica capillary tubing is manufactured across an ID range from less than 1 µm to over 2000 µm.


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