Nano Labs and ET3M Group Enter into JV Agreement

Nano Labs Corp. is pleased to announce today the Company has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with the ET3M Group (ET3M) to launch a Market Development Program (MDP) to develop, design, manufacture and sell applications of the ET3M Group's technology.

The ET3M lab is a world leader in the field of applied physics and a developer of avant-garde concepts in high energy physics with practical applications related to recently discovered concepts and properties placed at the frontier of electrodynamics.

Contrary to the concepts of classical physics, where "the vacuum" is considered as "a place full of nothing," quantum mechanics considers the "quantum vacuum" as a place plethoric in extremely small subatomic particles and field effects which are in continuous movement, even at absolute zero temperature. These fluctuations of the quantum vacuum contain an energy density (energy per unit volume of vacuum) which is comparable to that of nuclear energy -- or even more so. At least from a theoretical point of view, there is enough of this kind of energy contained in a coffee mug to evaporate the water from all the oceans in our planet. And this energy is all around us, all the time, all across the universe.

ET3M has invested most of its efforts and resources in the design, construction and market testing with the Commission of Federal Electricity of Mexico developing novel electronic microcircuits capable of continuously harvesting a small, but significant, portion of the energy contained in this quantum vacuum.

The scientific approach followed by ET3M, i.e. the testing of some of the most fundamental concepts in physics under unusual conditions, enabled them to make some remarkable discoveries, arising from anomalous results detected in the behavior and properties of certain experimental electronic circuits designed by the group. These discoveries had the potential to generate substantial savings in the energy used during the operation of traditional electrical machinery, such as motors and transformers, thus multiplying their efficiency as tested with PepsiCo of Mexico.

ET3M's technology for harvesting energy from the quantum vacuum makes use of the only renewable, and practically infinite, energy source available 24 hours a day. It generates no emissions or waste, does not depend on discontinuous sources such as the Sun or wind and is completely silent. The operation of these circuits has been tested by external labs while placed inside double Faraday cage shielding and also with neutron detectors. The results from the Faraday shielding confirmed their additional energy source is not part of the standard electromagnetic spectrum which surrounds us, and the neutron detectors confirmed the process does not involve the use of nuclear reactions.

"The limitations of most renewable energy sources known today are significant, especially in regard to their discontinuous nature. Therefore, a technology without the limitations of current systems for renewable energy generation holds an enormous economic potential," said Bernardo Camacho Chavarría, CEO of Nano Labs.

The Joint Venture Agreement outlines the establishment of a new corporate entity in US territory for the operational and funding requirements of ET3M's activities. The new company will be responsible for product and market development in the territories of the United States and Canada as an initial commercialization stage. In accordance with the terms and provisions of the Joint Venture Agreement, both ET3M and Nano Labs will be 50% partners.

Both companies are currently working together to outline the commercial scope and address market potential worth billions of dollars, considering that only 19% of the energy produced globally comes from renewable sources.

In developing this Joint Venture, our goal is to enable both companies to address market opportunities as fast as possible at an international scale with a technology that has shown an enormous potential to satisfy the energy needs for the new millennium," states Bernardo Camacho Chavarría, CEO of Nano Labs.

About ET3M Group. (

Based in Mexico, ET3M is a pioneer lab in the field of applied physics, developing practical applications to novel and recently discovered properties in electrodynamics. The group is dedicated to the design, construction and commercialization of novel electronic microcircuits that are able to harvest part of the energy contained in the quantum vacuum. The initial design of these circuits has been successfully pilot tested, on an industrial scale and a continuous basis (24/7) during several years, in a selected group of international corporations.

About Nano Labs

Nano Labs Corp. (the "Company") (OTC PINK: CTLE) is a research and development company which started in October 2012, and which has been able to access resources that encompass nearly 30 years of research and development, as well as hundreds of peer-reviewed published research papers and other scholarly material. The Company's research and development team of scientists, designers, and engineers is focused on creating a portfolio of advanced products that will surely provide unexpected benefits to a variety of industries, including consumer products, energy, materials, and healthcare. Through the use and integration of proprietary developments, Nano Labs' goal is to evolve some common, everyday products, into new, revolutionary products, which would for sure help make this world a better place. Nano Labs shares are traded on the OTC Bulletin Board in the United States under the ticker CTLE. For more information, please visit

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