DELMIC Announces Workshop Hosted by Phenom World on Integrated CLEM to be Held on Wednesday June 24th at the Francis Crick Institute (Lincoln Inn Fields Laboratory)

DELMIC develops and manufactures products which are focused on high performance, user friendly, integrated microscopy solutions. Working together with Phenom World, the companies have developed the Delphi microscope, the all-in-one solution for Correlative Light and scanning Electron Microscopy.

Delphi will be featured in talks and a hands-on series of workshops to be held at the Lincoln’s Inn Fields Laboratories of the Francis Crick Institute on Wednesday June 24th.

The Delphi microscope is the world's first fully integrated system to provide an all-in-one solution for Correlative Light and scanning Electron Microscopy, CLEM. The design and software of the Delphi make correlative microscopy accessible to fluorescence and electron microscopy users alike.

Correlative microscopy is getting more attention for its ability to combine structural and functional information. However, the complexity of the workflow has so far limited the adoption of the technique by the community at large.

Delphi contributes to making the widespread application of correlative microscopy possible. The goals of the workshop are to provide an introduction to CLEM and to show how Delphi has overcome some of the experimental challenges of combining techniques.

The morning will comprise a series of lectures from leading microscopists from the Francis Crick Institute and King's College London. These will be of general interest and open, free of charge, to all. The talks will look at several stages of workflow: from sample preparation through to image processing and analysis.

In the afternoon, there will be smaller hands-on sessions for users of Electron Microscopy, Light Microscopy and/or correlative microscopy, to get experience with the new Delphi system, the SECOM as well as the Phenom ProX.

The speakers come with a wealth of experience. Lucy Collinson, Christopher Peddie, and Matt Russell are working at the Electron Microscopy Facility at the Francis Crick Institute in London. The facility works with over thirty research groups, imaging samples as diverse as proteins, DNA, cells, tissues and model organisms.

The group uses light, electron and X-ray microscopes, and specialises in Correlative Light and EM (CLEM), Integrated Light and EM (ILEM), Serial Block Face SEM (SBF SEM), Focused Ion Beam SEM (FIB SEM), cryo soft X-ray tomography (SXY) and advanced image analysis.

Roland Fleck is working at the Centre for Ultrastructural Imaging at King's College London. The centre supports applied and basic research in the life and physical sciences as well as providing a Diagnostic Electron Microscopy service to the NHS.

For those wishing to attend, please contact via the event's web site,

For more details about DELMIC's SECOM & Delphi systems and applications in the life sciences, please contact DELMIC on +31 (0)15 7440158 or visit the web site:

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