Attopsemi Adopts ProPlus Design Solutions' GigaSpice Simulator for Giga-Scale Circuit Simulation

ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. today announced Attopsemi Technology Co., of Hsinchu, Taiwan, developer of state-of-art logic-compatible one-time-programmable (OTP) memory intellectual property (IP), has adopted its high-capacity, high-performance parallel GigaSpice simulator for giga-scale circuit simulation.

Attopsemi replaced its existing FastSPICE simulator in its design and verification flow with ProPlus' NanoSpice Giga™ because of its highly accurate and superior performance.

"Since our founding in 2010, we have been on a mission to provide the best logic-compatible OTP IP for SoC integrations from 0.7um to 7nm CMOS that's smaller, higher density, lower power and scalable," remarks Mr. Shine Chung, chairman and chief executive officer of Attopsemi. "Simulation accuracy has been the key design concern as we move to advanced designs. ProPlus' NanoSpice Giga has provided us with the essential tool to ensure we have enough confidence in the design signoff stage."

NanoSpice Giga is a GigaSpice simulator for efficient memory handling and matrix solver technology to handle giga-scale element circuits. It has the same accuracy and use model as a regular SPICE. However, it was created for large-scale memory circuit simulations, including the characterization of large embedded SRAM blocks, and simulation and verification of memory integrated circuits (ICs) such as SRAM, DRAM and flash memory. With shrinking technology node, supply voltage reductions and the impact of increasing process variations, memory circuit simulation requires SPICE accuracy to handle large circuits that traditional, FastSPICE simulators are seeing more limitations.

It shares a core engine with ProPlus' de-facto golden device modeling software BSIMProPlus™, used by all leading foundries, resulting in built-in foundry-validated accuracy and compatibility for all mainstream and leading-edge technologies including 16/14-nanometer (nm) FinFET. The simulator has full SPICE analysis features and supports industry-standard inputs and outputs.

"Kudos to Attopsemi for its aggressive move into the OTP memory IP spaces," adds Dr. Zhihong Liu, chairman and chief executive officer of ProPlus Design Solutions. "We are pleased that our innovative NanoSpice Giga simulator will provide the speed and accuracy needed for increasingly complex memory designs."

About ProPlus Design Solutions
ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. delivers Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions with the mission to enhance the link between design and manufacturing. As the SPICE modeling solutions leader and leading technology provider of giga-scale SPICE simulation and design for yield (DFY) applications, it provides unique DFY solutions integrating the most advanced device modeling, a high-performance parallel SPICE simulation engine and hardware-validated variation analysis technologies. Founded in 2006, ProPlus Design Solutions has R&D centers in the San Jose, Calif., Beijing and Jinan, China, and offices in Tokyo, Japan, Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China. More information about ProPlus Design Solutions can be found at

About Attopsemi Technology
Founded in 2010, Attopsemi Technology is dedicated to developing and licensing fuse-based One-Time Programmable (OTP) IP to all CMOS process technologies from 0.7um to 7nm and beyond with various silicided polysilicon and HKMG technologies. Attopsemi provides the best possible OTP solutions for all merits in small size, high quality, high reliability, low power, high speed, wide temperature and high data security. Attopsemi's proprietary I-fuse™ OTP technologies have been proven in numerous CMOS technologies and in several silicon foundries. Attopsemi's website is located at:


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