Attocube Offers 3D Mouse SpaceNavigator for Multi-Axis Nano Positioning Applications

In fundamental research, materials science and industries such as semiconductor processing, life-sciences or manufacturing technology, piezo drives are used for the most challenging positioning tasks.

The nano precise alignment of these devices – often multi-axis configurations – is a very crucial factor. Despite the progressing automation, it is sometimes still necessary to control positioning components manually. This is e.g. the case for particularly sensitive or complex set-ups, such as used in laboratory operation or for testing purposes.

ECC100 controller and SpaceNavigator

For these applications attocube now offers a user friendly, intuitive solution: the 3D mouse “SpaceNavigator” allows for convenient remote control of all attocube piezo drives via a newly programmed software interface. The patented sensor technology of 3Dconnexion - a company specialized in 3D digital processing – has already proven of value for CAD construction and architecture applications, and is hence the ideal tool to be employed in precise 3D nanopositioning as well.

Besides the ergonomically optimized design, the SpaceNavigator provides full functionality to drive up to 6 attocube positioners. Thanks to the specially programmed software, each degree of freedom can be assigned to one specific nano drive: A push, pull, twist or tilt of the SpaceNavigator is translated into the corresponding movement of the positioner. At the same time the running speed is proportional to the respective deflection of the Space Navigator. Also all associated parameters can be set individually with the new software features.

The attractive “attoNAV” package including software and SpaceNavigator is compatible with all attoMOTION controllers, and allows an intuitive control of all attocube nano drives.

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